Mazda Canada

Industry: Automotive

For: Social Medias & Marketing

When Mazda Canada reached out, the goal was simple: promote their winter collection while offering content that was better than their previous years.

They had 4 cars to promote, and we delivered photo and video content for the years to come in only 3 days of production.

Our studio took care of all the planning, pre-production, photo & video production and post production for photos as well as videos.

Automobile Gabriel

Industry: Automotive

For: Social Medias

With Automobile Gabriel, the goal is to engage in on-location content creation multiple times a week, producing captivating photos and videos that showcase their premium cars inventory.

This creative process is guided by a distinct artistic direction, ensuring consistency in their visual identity. These contents are then strategically utilized to craft a social media editorial calendar, enhancing their online presence.


Industry: Transportation

For: Social Medias, Website, Newsletters, Campaigns, Landing Pages

For ENERGY Transportation Group, our focus involves monthly content creation, encompassing photos and videos tailored for their social media platforms, campaigns, landing pages, website, and newsletters.


Industry: Restaurant

For: Social Medias

For Terrasse Nacarat, our task was to showcase the quality and atmosphere of their events through compelling images. The objective is not merely to summarize but to vividly illustrate the unique experience of attending an event with them.


Industry: Telecommunications

For: Social Medias

For ACN, our role revolves around capturing and creating content, including photos and videos, to highlight their conferences, travels, team members, events, and projects.

The aim is to showcase the dynamic aspects of the company, fostering engagement and providing a comprehensive view of their activities.


Industry: Metallurgy

For: Website

At FORMÉTAL, I emphasize portraying how individuals benefit from their rehabilitation program through impactful images and videos for their website. I strive to offer a preview of the program for those not yet enrolled while fostering a sense of belonging for current and former students.


Industry: Wedding

Your wedding might very well be the most important day of your life. Imagine you go back on your wedding photos 20, 30 years from now. You will want every single detail there. You will want to see the dress your mom was wearing, or photos of the speech your dad gave.

Our client get exactly that, professional photos and videos you will want to see in the future to remember this day in all its glory.

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